Living Beyond the Veil-A project dedicated to introducing the importance of Indigenous rights, knowledge, and wisdom to the Youth of Industrialized Societies.

With our quickly evolving globalized culture, it is time to look to our ancient ancestors for the wisdom needed to unite our human family, and step forward into our sustainable future.  It can take a lot of work, and as importantly a lot of play.

The objectives of this project include:

~ Educating the youth of industrialized nations through film about the major changes needed in order to live in harmony and sustainability with Planet Earth: “Living Beyond The Veil”

~ Educating youth of industrialized nations about the major needs of indigenous people all over the globe for our help and support to help clean up the land, re-empower them and to give them a voice through film to tell the youth of industrialized nations what THEY think the children need to hear.

~Offering Indigenous groups an opportunity to learn film to gain power and voice for their own creative expression to show the globalized world.

~Offering information, contacts and support groups for youth of industrialized nations to get involved with being a source of change.  Including growing their own food at school and advocating fresh meals for lunch, SHAKE DANCE HEAL space to move and re-create the “jungle” atmosphere for kids to dance, climb, play and move as they would in more natural settings, and visual proof that people all over the world of industrialized nations are returning to the earth to create living, sustainable communities to live, grow, and play in.


~ by livingbeyondtheveil on March 14, 2010.

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